Bite Your Tongue!

I am naturally sarcastic, and kind of bitchy (be nice about the “kind of”) by nature.  So sometimes, it is really hard to not say anything in response to some customers.

“Hi, I’m looking for the Sleeping Beauty trilogy.”

“Oh, by Anne Rice?  Here you go.”

“Oh, it is three books.”

Yep, that’s why they call it a trilogy.

My favorite customer interaction of the week was a phone call, however.  A man called and asked, in a very thick Russian(?) accent, if we had the latest issue of “Combat Aircraft” magazine.  Which, when said in his accent, sounded automatically ominous, despite or perhaps because he was so polite.  Then he wouldn’t leave his name for the hold, only his initials.  I could write a whole cold war spy novel based on this phone call.  It was all a secret code, and the mission is a go.



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