What the Heck is a Riffle?

Reading is trendy.  Who saw that coming?

How do I know?  Because Facebook is officially getting in on the game.  Today, I received the following invitation, which I’m assuming is targeted to people who are using the GoodReads app:

Introducing Riffle. The app that’s inspiring people
to discover great books and to read more.

Dear Christie,

Upon a preview, Publisher’s Weekly called it “the Pinterest of Book Discovery!?

Now, as an avid reader, you’ve been selected to receive an advance entry to Riffle. Just click here to request your reserved invitation.

Three things to know about Riffle:

  1. Riffle will give you direct access to your friends’ favorite books and also connect you with passionate readers who make amazing recommendations.
  2. Riffle will give you the insider view of what your favorite authors read and what books inspire them.
  3. Riffle is new, and being developed with care by a team who wishes to inspire you to enjoy great books and to read more.

Get advanced access (click here).

Warmest regards,
The Riffle Team

P.S. Riffle is better with friends, so please feel free to share your Riffle invitation with your reading friends.

Now, I am all about getting more people into reading, so this seems like a good thing to me.  Can anyone see any possible problems and pitfalls?  Are you excited and ready to jump on board?  Me, I will take all the book info I can get.


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