The Hobbit

I am bouncing in my chair, writing this.  Makes for lots of typos.  Hobbit movie!!!

Alright, deep breaths, calming down.  Nope, still ridiculously excited.

If you haven’t read it, and I know you’re out there, do read it.  I (bracing for impact) prefer it to Lord of the Rings.  The writing is better, and Tolkien wanders off on fewer tangents.  It tends to lose people at the very beginning, before the adventure starts – be forewarned, Tolkien loooooves long lead-ins.  This is not Clive Cussler, or Robert Ludlum, where the action starts on the first page.

Tolkien is trying to bring you into the same state of mind as Bilbo Baggins.  A hobbit who loves his home, loves having lots of food always easily available, loves comfort and routine.  But Gandalf (the wizard and Deus ex Machina of Tolkien) has decided that Bilbo needs an adventure, will he, nil he.  And that adventure will change him forever.

I tended to skip the songs, I will admit, but you can also find people who have set them to music and performed them on YouTube.

If you need an excuse to read it, read it to a kid, be it yours, a niece or nephew, or some random stranger whose parents will probably call the police on you.

If you read a chapter a week, you’ll be done just in time for the movie.



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