All Hallows Read

Two years ago, Neil Gaiman had a brilliant idea: come up with a reason to give people books as gifts!  And voila, All Hallows Read was born!  No, really, that’s pretty much what happened.

So, in the week before Halloween, you now have a whole new reason to give (and get)  books.  Scary books are best, but I will accept alternatives for wusses.

There are lots of great Halloween themed books for kids, and the selection for adults is so huge it’s hard to know where to start.  Here are a few picks:

13 Ghosts of Halloween by Robin Muller is a great pick for kids.  This one has just the right mix of fun and spooky for young readers – enough for a little chill, not enough for nightmares.

Nevermore, by Kelly Creagh, is the first book of a series for teens.  Imagine the world of Edgar Allan Poe come to life, and you can go there in your dreams.  Just your garden variety nightmares, brought on by Poe’s creepy stories.  But what if your dreams are more real than you think, and you find yourself unable to wake up?  Perfectly creepy, and very apro-Poe.

The Walking Dead!  What is more perfect for Halloween than zombies?  Robert Kirkman’s creepy apocalyptic world, where the living are outnumbered, will provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a loved one – under the bed.



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