Anne Rice Demoted?

Anne Rice Cover

Regular readers know how I feel about E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey (ick).  I have now, however, begun to wonder about how other authors feel about Fifty Shades.  Like, say, Anne Rice.

Anne Rice has an erotic Sleeping Beauty trilogy, originally written under the pen name A. N. Roquelaure.  Penguin has recently republished the books to take advantage of the hoopla surrounding Fifty Shades.  Now, that sounds like a good thing for Anne Rice, right?  In terms of money-making, sure.  But there has been one major change to the books: The new covers say that if you liked Fifty Shades, you’ll love the Sleeping Beauty books.

Um, what?  Did you just put advertising for someone else’s books on the front cover?  Maybe Anne Rice is more pragmatic than I am, but this seems more than a little insulting.  Sending signage to stores, sure.  Having it on displays, whatever.  But actually printing it on the book seems like telling readers and Anne Rice that she’s second banana in the bunch.

Not that she’s the only author whose books are being re-positioned – Sylvia Day’s marketing had her Crossfire series ready to go once rabid readers finished the Fifty Shades trilogy, and were looking for more.

I will say this: the erotica section has never sold so well as it is now, and many of the women buying are women who normally are not readers.  So, if it’s getting people reading, I guess that’s a plus.  I’m trying to shift some of them on to  Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series, which although definitely erotic and featuring S&M, also has… a plot!  And decent writing.  I feel like a missionary out to convert the heathens.  Wish me luck!



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25 responses to “Anne Rice Demoted?

  1. Thanks, Christie! I wish you TONS of luck! 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and am thrilled that you somehow came across my blog. It is my great pleasure to share books I love, and your books fall firmly into that category.


  2. SBalzSara B.

    Good Luck!! Carey beats them all, hands down. (punny!)

  3. Amen, sistah! Let alone that the Sleeping Beauty books are meant to read like highly eroticized fairy tales (dare I call them “engorged” fairy tales?) and not to be mistaken for reality in any way, shape or form (kinda takes away from the fun of them, I think). I daresay Ms. Rice does not need to be linked to the pablum that is 50 Shades (so I hear… I have not read them). Maybe if the women are reading them just from a porn angle. But if they want some true erotica, with not only a plot but nuanced characters, beautifully realized landscapes and deep motivations (and lovely prose, never overdone or overwrought) then the Jacqueline Carey works are the way to go.

  4. RDMS

    Good Luck! I was actually just commenting on that the other day. I was at my local Target, where they had a big display of the fan-fiction books geared towards teenagers… I about died in the aisle when I saw the Beauty books beside them! I absolutely love the Kushiel’s series too, although I wouldn’t market any of them to young girls. Some things I guess I just feel should be put off just a little longer 🙂 Maybe I’ll dust off my copies of the Beauty books and stick them on the living room bookshelf. Love any excuse to shock the in-laws!

  5. Preach it! I love Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series and have often told others to read it, especially when I get pulled into conversations about Fifty Shades of Grey.

  6. Aingealsile

    I read the Anne Rice books first, and similar to the Twilight phenomenon…I still say she did it better! And kudos for Jacqueline Carey..those books are in my top ten for all-time favorites for life!

  7. Melissa

    I can’t stand 50 shades….Love love LOOOVE the Jacqueline Carey’s series’ though.

  8. erika

    To say that 50 shades is the same caliber of writing as the above mentioned series is a disservice to both the authors and the series.

  9. Michelle Warwick

    Luck luck luck luck! I have been working hard to convert the heathens the the Kushiel’s Legacy series too, and for the same reason!

  10. Colleen

    I love love love Jaqueline Carey’s Kushiel & Namaah series.

  11. Pinstriped Fanny

    It’s incredibly insulting. Why stop at the Sleeping Beauty trilogy? Why not throw it onto the Kushiel series, Anais Nin’s “Delta of Venus,” or any other of a number of poignant, erotic classics?

    Maybe these readers who whet their new appetite for any form of erotic writing might now chomp onto one of these far superior books or series, but then again, just cracking the cover to read the first few paragraphs might send them reeling back when they realize they’re staring at big words and complex concepts.

    • Probably we won’t get those who loved Fifty Shades, but hey, it’s worth a shot! It is, however, important to help those who are looking for a great story find one, whether they are new to erotica, or disappointed with FSoG. Taking this as an opportunity to help people find new books to love is the only way I keep from thumping my head against the wall on a regular basis.

  12. jamie

    I absolutely love Jacquelin Carey’s Kushiel series! Eventually, I would like to get my first editions signed.

  13. Saskia

    Great blog entry. I have never read the Sleeping Beauty books by Anne Rice. Will see if I can find them. The Kushiel series are one of my favorite series and I have recommended them to several people

  14. Shoozy

    Having read and re-read Beauty, which by the way, was written in 1983…I find Pimping 50 Shades on the cover of Beauty an complete insult to Rice and the Beauty series..which, like the Queen of Epic Story Erotica…J Carey’s Kushiel Series…has the richness and depth of an acutal STORY worth reading over and over again… One Chapter of Kushiel will make you forget all 50 Shades of whatever…….

  15. Shakodey Carson

    I haven’t read the books but from what I’v heard about them I know Jacqueline’s books are better! Better everything, erotic yes. A better story, definitely! I have also been working on converting the “Shades of Gray” fans that I think can handle a book more than 200 hundred pages long. Because, let’s face it, some people just won’t or can’t read books of that scope. Still, I’m pretty pushy! It also helps that my husband has read and loves them!

  16. Merle

    Sorry, I couldn’t make it through the first chapter of 50 Shades … yuck. I have read and reread the Beauty series and read the Kushiel books time and time again. Push your books! If folks want erotica they should be reading something worth reading. For those who are lovers of well written SM erotica, I highly recommend Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series … top notch

  17. Ahn

    Kushiel’s Dart was the one that started it all for me. The connection between Phedre and Joscelin (and even Melisande) is much richer and deeper than what Mr. Grey and Miss Steele could ever fathom. As for eroticism, the Sleeping Beauty books, and even Exit to Eden, have never failed to hold my attentions no matter how many times I read them.

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