New Terry Pratchett! Eeee!

I don’t think there are any musicians I would squeal at like an Elvis fan.  Terry Pratchett, however, might get at least a squeak.

I am genuinely excited that he has not one but two new books coming, one in September, and one in November.

The one in September is Dodger, which seems to be a character similar to Dickens’ Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist.  With Terry Pratchett writing it, murky morals are nothing but fun.  In November comes A Blink of the Screen, which is a collection of Pratchett’s short fiction.  Honestly, the only problem with Pratchett’s stories is that they end.

Personally, if science ever discovers the elixir of life, my vote is that the authors get it first.  I can’t imagine having to do without Pratchett, or Kay, or Lackey.

Which authors would get your vote for immortality, if only so they’d finish the series you’re addicted to?


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