Maeve Binchy Dead

Maeve Binchy, the highly popular Irish author, died Monday, July 30, after a short illness.

I liked quite a few of her books.  They were the book version of comfort food, like tea and toast.   She was excellent at making the life of an ordinary person fascinating, and seemingly full of hidden depths.  Maybe it was comforting because of the thought that someone might find you interesting enough for a story.   She liked writing small town stories, and her characters seemed very familiar, like your own neighbours could easily fill the roles.

She seemed to have readers across a broad spectrum, light fiction readers and literary snobs, both Austen and Roberts fans.

She was also known for being a truly nice person, who was generous to fans and other writers with her time and company.

That, as much as her writing, is why she will truly be mourned.


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  1. Listened to a great interview with her from the 80’s; She’s wonderful.

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