Kobo Touch Completely Changed

You’re now comfortable with your Kobo Touch, navigating it easily, understand how to get around the occasional issue.

Well, hey, that’s no challenge!  So Kobo has decided that maybe Touch users were feeling left out when the Vox went all wonky temporarily with the new Google Play update.  Better completely change the interface.  With no warning.  Ta da!


If you’re having issues downloading new books, or accessing the store, or connecting wirelessly in general, it may be because of changes to the Kobo end of the connection.  So, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to update.  It may take a few attempts before the update downloads, for reasons unknown to me, but persist, or things will continue to behave oddly.

Good news: the recommendations are gone off the home screen.

Bad news: it’s completely, totally different, to the point where a customer showed me their device, asking for help, and my reply was “What the F*ck is this?”

I promise to go over all the changes, and will attempt to produce something like an updated manual, since apparently Kobo has no intention of updating the manual that comes with, despite the fact that it has been almost totally irrelevant for some time now.

Good night, and good luck.


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