I Take My Books Everywhere

Sometimes, you just don’t want to put a book down.  For anything.  I’ve read while cooking (not always a good idea, unless you like everything Cajun-style).  I read on transit, in waiting rooms, during breaks, during dinner… My Kobo only makes it better because I can carry a whole library of books around with me.  I actually look forward to lines or bus rides, because voila, excuse for reading.  I am a newly cheerful “waiter”.  When I was a kid, I had a captain’s bed, so no nightstand.  You know how most kids have stuffed animals on their  beds?  I had books.  So many, it was hard to find room for me.

One of my customers told me she puts her Vox into a ziploc bag, and reads in the bath.  Many read on the treadmill.   I haven’t quite gone that far.  I’ve heard from people who read while walking (I have done this myself, beware of posts), read while driving (and you thought cell phones were bad), and even a friend in high school  who picked up a book and started reading while making out with his girlfriend (now that’s a good book – and a suddenly single guy).

What lengths have you gone to to read a book?    Had any book disasters because of your inability to put it down? Bathtub drownings, subway track deaths, eaten by wild animals?


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  1. When I was a child my nose was firmly buried in a book almost 24/7 and I did confuse other children by reading (or even more nerdy – writing stories or studying in the library!) during lunch and playtime instead of playing hopscotch or some idiotic sport where balls were a head-seeking missile of death (I had this bad luck with any sport that involved a ball and several others that didn’t….I don’t know how balls could appear and pummel me in the head during a session of gymnastics, but somehow it happened).
    I also use to read while walking and had many the meeting of face and post/pole/tree/disgruntled person and more than one close call with a car. No drownings, subway/railway flattenings or wild animal nommings yet though.

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