Kobo Vox + Google Play Update

I have some more information now as I’ve seen more people with the update – or without it.

Vox users who haven’t had the update installed may find that apps have stopped working.  You can manually trigger the update by (making sure you’re connected to WiFi first) going to the menu for your home screen and selecting “settings”, and then scrolling to the bottom of that page and choosing “about Kobo”.  The first option should be to check for updates.  This is a big download, and can take a while, so make sure your Vox is fully charged, and you don’t have anywhere you need to go before you start it.

You may need to re-download the apps from Google Play, because it is very sensitive to which version of the app you have.  If you try to launch it and it doesn’t work, look for the “Play” icon on your “all apps” screen.  From there you should be able to do a search for it.  So far, ironically, I’ve found that the search function on Google Play is terrible.  You can put in the exact name of the app, and get pages and pages of add-ons for it, but not the app itself.  If this happens, use your browser to go to the site for the app and download it, which if it’s Google approved, should trigger the download through the Google Play marketplace.  If it’s not Google approved, it will give you a stern talking to about how you can’t download apps that might not be safe.

You may also initially have some error messages with widgets, but that should stop after a reboot.

<sarcasm/>Definitely a huge improvement</sarcasm>


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