Zombie Restaurant Opening… Seriously

Meanwhile in Tokyo…

A zombie-themed restaurant based on the Resident Evil video game (and endorsed by CapCom) will be opening in July.  The name?  Biohazard Cafe and Grill S.T.A.R.S. Restaurant.  Salivating already, aren’t you.

Nothing yet on whether they’ll actually be serving brains, but there will be merchandising (oh yes, there will be merchandising) and… dance performances?  Thriller, perhaps.

Apparently they do have a grasp on reality (sort-of), since the restaurant is only supposed to be open for a year.  Strangely enough, this is not the only restaurant with a game based menu; Capcom Bar features food tied to multiple games, Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) among them.  Brain shaped cake, anyone? Bet the waiters get sick and tired of hearing “Braaaaaains” when they ask for orders.

So, would you go to a zombie restaurant?  I can see a bar, but a restaurant?  What video game would translate well into a themed eatery?


Zombie Restaurant Based On ‘Resident Evil’ Game Set To Open In Tokyo July 13 (VIDEO).


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2 responses to “Zombie Restaurant Opening… Seriously

  1. KC

    I’m really not into zombies, so I wouldn’t go, but I can see it’s a cute idea. I’d probably go to a different themed restaurant (Star Wars, maybe?) depending on the price. Zombies, though, just waaaay too gory for my taste (:D) and not something I want to think about while eating…

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