Department 19

Apparently they’re trying to hit all the hot buttons for teens, and especially teen boys with this one. Vampires, check. Secret government agencies, check. Ridiculously overpowered weapons, yup. Hot chicks with superpowers, also check. Teen boy who ends up in the middle of it all, with hot chick, using weapons, to kill vampires, for secret agency. Surprisingly, there was in fact some room for plot in there after all this.

It was a fun book, sort of Ludlum on steroids – and hormones. A good read for anyone who likes a good explosion, and a definite possibility for reluctant readers.

Caution: very gory. That may be a selling point for some readers, but there are some fairly explicit deaths here, and it’s not always vampires dying. I would say age 13 and up.  Also, anyone who wants a blowing up bad guys novel for a nice read with a drink on the porch.

The tie in website ( ) is pretty neat, although a little… melodramatic? Adolescents should get a kick out of it.  There’s a whole series forthcoming, and there’s a sequel that’s just come out.


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