Desert Island Books

Chapters Indigo is holding a contest, to vote for the one book you would wish to have with you on a desert island.  One!  I mean, it can’t just be good, it has to be good for reading, and re-reading, and re-reading…  Do you bring a “How to Survive Anything” kind of book?  Or do you bring your favorite story of all time?

Maybe Nation, by Terry Pratchett.  Or Treasure Island.  Or Robinson Crusoe.  But what if you want a change of scenery?  Dune? Ysabel?

You can enter the contest here: Chapters Indigo Books & Music Inc..  Sorry, Canucks only.  The prizes are kinda awesome, either $150 gift cards (books!)  Or the whole voted 31 Book Library (more books!)  I’m not eligible, so you have to win for me.

So, which book, out of all the books in the world, would you bring?


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