How to not be killed by librarians

My history teacher, Mr. Tuddenham, taught us this, and it has served me well.  This is especially important for hardcovers, particularly beautiful ones.  Note how I have not yet been killed by marauding librarians.  See?



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8 responses to “How to not be killed by librarians

  1. Christie I love this!
    It is always such a sad moment when that first page falls out. You know more pages will follow untill the entire book is ruined..
    I will test it out. thanks

    • You’re welcome! I know that pain… my husband borrowed one of my books and left it in the car in the sun. The glue melted, book fell apart. Proof of my love is that he’s not dead.

  2. Love this! I wish this were posted up at my town’s public library. I checked out The Mrs. Dalloway Reader last year, and an awful chunk of pages had unattached themselves from the binding. I admit to making a sad attempt of re-gluing them back as to not be charged. “It wasn’t me! I swear.”

    • Ha! At least you tried. We have people crack spines right in the bookstore. I used to be guilty of dogearing, but only paperbacks, and I was a young rebel 😉

      • I haven’t dogeared in years — it feels like I degrade the book if I do!

        I’m always wary when I let someone borrow a book of mine, especially if it’s paperback. There’s something painful in watching someone crack the spine of a beautiful book. I try to keep silent and inwardly cringe.

      • Yep, I’ve been well behaved for a while, now. Probably because I know what I’d do if someone destroyed a beloved book of mine, and I’m scared that it could happen to me.

  3. Jacob Degeling

    Nice… You learn something new every day. I wonder: is this for adhesive-bound books or sewn books or both?

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