Genies and Geniuses

I love, as many of you know, the weird and wonderful people who visit the bookstore where I work.   I mean, these aren’t just a small variety of people, you’ve got a whole spectrum of bizarre and awesome happening.

We have an astrophysicist, who buys tarot cards and bought a book of ancient Egyptian spells to try to contact a djinn.  Somehow, I didn’t see those things combining, but why not?  There is a lovely lady who tries to convert everyone in the store to her religion, quite elderly, because she would “hate to see such nice people end up in hell”.   Screaming Hitler Man I could do without.

There’s a guy who sits down with the hardest Sudoku books you can find anywhere (not only are they championship level, but they’re level 4 championship level) and does them in his head.  And finds them easy.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage to do one out of every ten.

There is a black woman archbishop , Dr. Delores Seiveright, who astounds me with her accomplishments.  She also very generously gave me a copy of her autobiography, signed, which launched in April (A Quest that Ignites the Heart: A Personal Journey).  There is a retired teacher who only briefly stops in between months-long journeys volunteering with poor communities all over the world.

There’s a young guy who looks like he shoots people for fun who secretly reads Harlequin romances, holding them behind a book about Fifty Cent.

There are three gentlemen who I’m pretty sure are looking up themselves and their friends in the Hell’s Angels true crime books.  They keep saying things like, “Hey, isn’t that Lenny?  He looks like a moron in that photo.”   They are invariably polite and gentlemanly, and quite often bring their grandchildren to the kids’ department.

I love my store.

And to give you an idea of where I fall on the spectrum of bizarre, these are the books I purchased today:

Hubble: Window On the Universe by Giles Sparrow (incredibly beautiful images)

Animal Tracks and Signs by Jinny Johnson (I can now track squirrels, rhinos, and platypuses.  Platipi?   So far, only the squirrels live around here, but you never know.)

Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb (I loved the Farseer trilogy she wrote, so I’m checking out this one)

Dewey by Vicki Myron (a true story about a library cat, sounds cool)

The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton (the title alone, come on)

Dante Valentine: The Complete Series by Lilith Saintcrow (Urban fantasy, necromancer bounty hunter, pure fun)

Creating Natural Landscapes (So I can feel good about using native plants and helping local wildlife – and do way less work, which dovetails nicely with my laziness)

So there you go.  If that doesn’t say I have diverse interests and am likely crazy, I don’t know what does.


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