Let the Right One In

With themes ranging from serial killers and vampires to bullying and urban sprawl, Let the Right One In, (also published under “Let Me In”, in English, now re-released under the original Swedish title) by John Lindqvist, has something for everyone.

More creepy than scary, in this book no one is completely good, or completely evil… even the pedophile, who was desperately trying (unsuccessfully) not to act on his impulses.  What I found really interesting was that the everyday, banal evil was in its own way just as chilling as the vampire.  Alcoholic parents, school yard bullies – in some ways the pettiness almost made it worse.  The opposite was also true, though – the small acts of heroism in unlikely places were also more significant.

The vampire is stuck in the body of a twelve-year-old child, which creates all sorts of both touching and deeply disturbing moments.  And creepy.

The pace of the book is quite slow – if you have read Swedish authors before, such as Stieg Larsson, the writing’s rhythm will be familiar to you.  So don’t go looking for a flying through the pages action here.  There is a film, called “Let Me In” in the North American remake, which got very good reviews from the critics at various film festivals, but can’t possibly be as creepy as the book.  I’m saying creepy a lot.  This book makes you do that.

It is definitely worth a read. I recommend it when you’re in the kind of mood for something a little slow, a little snowy, and more than a bit crazy.  And creepy, creeeeeeepy.



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2 responses to “Let the Right One In

  1. Rachel Etta

    Sounds like a good read, maybe to save for Halloween time…
    Thanks for the review!

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