Crazy and Proud of It

A quick list of some of our eccentric customers – the harmless ones.  According to my husband, if ever anyone could be an authority on recognizing crazy, it’s me.

  1. The Invisible Woman:  Wears so many scarves, hats, coats, and pairs of pants, that you can’t even tell how far in she is.  Also a pair of sunglasses.  There may, in fact, be no one in there.
  2. Iron Man: Wears an Iron Man mask the entire time.  It’s amazing how unnerving it is when someone wears a mask constantly.
  3. Conspiracy Woman:  Absolutely everyone is out to get her.  Make the mistake of talking to her, and you will be treated to a long, long list of how every company, government, and person in the world is trying to harm her.
  4. Starbucks CEO:  I swear, this guy is running his business entirely out of the Starbucks.  He brings his laptop, has meetings, networks, etc.  Stays for hours at a time.
  5. Nap Man:  Apparently comes to Chapters for the purpose of sleeping.  Finds an empty alcove or chair, goes to sleep.  Leaves when he wakes up.
  6. E-Reader Hacker: Resets all the e-readers at the table to factory default.  Technically harmless, but makes me completely mental.
  7. The Price Checkers:  An elderly couple who come every day, pretty much.  They ask about the prices of the same things, every day.  They split up to do this more efficiently.  Then have a coffee.  Then leave.

Never dull.


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