The Dwarves – Now with zombies!

The Dwarves, by Markus Heitz, has everything you could want in a fantasy novel.  Lost heirs, lost tribes, magic, epic battles against impossible odds… and zombies.  Yep, not only is there a great story, but it includes the undead.  How could you ask for more, really?

Unlike many reviews that say the book in question is “Tolkien-esque”, this book actually tempts me to count the number of obvious Tolkien influences.  Reading runes to open a stone door into a mountain?  Check.  Powerful council of wizards, and one has been corrupted?  Check.  I promise, these little reveals won’t wreck the story – they are right at the beginning of the book.

I enjoyed the book a lot – I have a fondness for dwarves, especially the beer-quaffing berserker kind.  Anyone who loves R.A. Salvatore’s dwarves will like these ones.  The writing is good, and the translation has been very well done.  There was only the occasional awkward bit where I suspect the translator struggled to get the meaning across, but considering that German tends to compress very complicated ideas into simple words (e.g. schadenfreude, to derive pleasure from other people’s misery), I can understand how that might be tricky.

On the whole, if you’re looking for classic fantasy, especially classic fantasy with zombies, I highly recommend this.  This is only the first book in a series, and you can believe I’ll be picking up the next one.


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