Kobo Touch Price Reduction

Attention to anyone who has been considering picking up an e-reader.  Chapters Indigo has just marked the Kobo Touch down to $99.

This is the e-reader I have been using myself since last June, and I have been very happy with it.  You can get it at that price both in-store and online, and I know they ship to Canada, the US, and quite a few other countries.  Wired magazine rated it their #1 editors’ pick over Kindle and the Nook, and it will accept any epub format book, as well as PDF.

I like using it with the public library.  I am the world’s worst at returning library books on time, and to me this is a miracle – no late fees possible!

Wanted to share the bargain with you – I paid $139 and thought it was a good deal.


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