Racism from some readers of The Hunger Games

I’d like to hear thoughts on the following article.  My main thought is, “Yes, yes you are racist.  Racist idiots.”



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6 responses to “Racism from some readers of The Hunger Games

  1. KC

    I haven’t read the books yet, (Hunger Games is next in line on my nightstand) but I think it’s human nature to assume a character is like yourself. I remember being quite disillusioned halfway through a mystery novel when I realized that the narrator (first-person) was a guy, not a girl like I was assuming. That said, I think the reactions by people, in a quite public forum, are really racist. Saying that it’s less sad that Rue dies now they know she’s black – that is soooo wrong. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    • I agree that how you picture a character in your head can be very different from someone else’s vision, including the author’s. I just wish that people wouldn’t use public forums to spread hate. People have a right to be complete idiots, I would just rather not hear about it. 🙂

  2. I have heard these racist comments and all I can think is how very disturbing they are. It’s ironic and saddening that some fans of a series which is all about oppression are trying to oppress people themselves.

  3. Merilyn Fox

    I teach a grade 8 class in multi-cultural Scarborough. Many students, boys and girls, have enjoyed the Hunger Games books and a few have also seen the movie. Not a single comment has been made about the race of any of the characters. Of course, this is a group that really doesn’t know what a visible minority is. I have great hopes for our future because of them.

    • Fingers crossed. I’m keeping in mind that more people are motivated to give negative feedback than positive… here’s hoping the loudmouths are a very small minority. My guess is yes, considering how much most people enjoyed both books and movies.

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