Cross-Dressing for Dummies

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do at work is just find the book.  Say nothing, find the book.


“Do you have a book that would be, like, “Cross-Dressing for Dummies”?

“Has 50 Shades of Gray come out yet?”  – This from a lady at least in her mid-eighties, looking for BDSM erotica.  Awesome, but whoa.

“Do you have a book that will help me hook up with, um, slutty girls?”  This kid was maybe fifteen.  No.  No we don’t.  Even if we did, no.

“Is there a section with books for what to do if you’ve started being attracted to, hypothetically, your step-son?  It’s for a friend.”  Ugh.

“Is there a book where you can learn to mind-control people?”  Dude, if it worked, I’d be buying it too.

“I need something that helps me learn to control the force.  Like in Star Wars.”  I ordered it for him.  It exists.  It’s a device.  I’m not kidding.



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2 responses to “Cross-Dressing for Dummies

  1. Must all make your day more interesting though! 🙂

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