Kobo Vox: Having Power Problems?


The most common issue I see in the Kobo Vox is people having power issues.  The device isn’t charging, the wi-fi goes on and off, etc.  This is, in my experience, almost always because of the battery connection.  The reason for it occurring is idle speculation, but I can tell you how to fix it.

  1. Take the back off the Vox.  Use a fingernail, or something thin to pop off the plastic quilted cover.
  2. Gently remove the battery.  This is the large, thin rectangle taking up most of the left hand side.  The battery is attached to the Vox with a small cable, emerging from the bottom right  hand corner of the battery.  This step makes it easier to access the cable plug.
  3. Grasp the small white plug at the end of the cable.  Gently wiggle it while pulling, to detach it from the Vox.
  4. Once you have unplugged the battery, plug it in again, making sure you feel a “click”.  If you don’t feel the click, try again.  The plug is not properly seated, otherwise.
  5. Place the battery back in its compartment, ensuring you loop the wires under the tab at the bottom of the battery housing, so they don’t get pinched.
  6. Snap the back of the Vox back into place.

Voila!  Your power problem will now, hopefully, be fixed.  Also, while the cover is off, take note of the small recessed button, located next to the upper right-hand corner of the battery.  This is the manual reset button, just in case you ever need it.



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105 responses to “Kobo Vox: Having Power Problems?

  1. Gay Kennedy

    Thanks so much. Was just about at the end of my rope with my Vox. Couldn’t start it up till I did this!

  2. Everaldo

    When booting my Kobo Vox I’m getting the following message “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Then I have to Force Close. The Kobo will boot again, and the same message is repeated. I never get to the home page. Could you please advise? Thanks and regards,

    • If it isn’t getting to the home page, you don’t have much choice other than to do a factory re-set. Just in case, try restarting the Vox using the hard reset button, located next to the battery (see article for details). If that doesn’t work, power off the Vox. On the left hand side of your Vox, there is an external volume control, marked +/- . Using your left hand, hold down the “+”, or upper part of the button. Still holding down the “+” button, press the power button to turn your Vox on. Keep holding that “+” button until you see a message appear on the screen that your Vox is being reset. It may also apply a patch at this time, if the patch didn’t install properly before (which may be the issue, I’m not sure). This should return your Vox to its original settings, and hopefully solve your problem. Your books will be re-downloaded as soon as you sign in with your account. Hope this helps, and good luck.

  3. Apparently that error message is an Android issue, which is happening on multiple devices. No one seems to be able to fix it without doing a full reset, unfortunately.

    • Thank you so VERY much. This started happening to me early this am & I restarted & did a virus scan, nothing helped. I was getting upset thought I’d yet again had something break on me. I have been backing up all my stuff incase I had to do a reset & hearing this is the fix I’m glad I did. While running this popup process.acore keeps popping up every 3-5 seconds. Yours was the 1st thing to come up on Google search for this issue. Thank you you’ve been so much of a blessing to me today 😀

  4. Carolyn Roberts

    Thank you so much for this fix…fixed the problem in no time. Thought I was in for a trip to the shop to return my Kobo.

  5. Pete

    Thank you bibliophiliac, this problem had us at the end of our tether, was about to throw the kobo out the window. Brilliant.

  6. Shayna

    thank you sooooo much!!!! I didn’t know what to do because even the factory reset wouldn’t work. You are the only person who has suggested this, thank you!!!!!!!

  7. Very good article. I absolutely love this website. Thanks!

  8. somebody

    Thanks so much!!!!! Made my day. Had to Kobo readers that were both malfunctional…

  9. George Glausiuss

    The battery unplug also worked for us, thought we might have to battle the boxing day crowds to return (a fate worse than death) and for this I humbly thank you, Merry Christmas.

  10. chrissy888

    OMG it worked! I was skeptical but it actually did! Yay yay yay you’re awesome 🙂 I was about to give up.

  11. Mitch

    Quick question, So I thought I was having problems with charging so I followed your instructions but no I’m just wondering if it’s because I’m not using the proper charging cord? I seemed to have lost the cord to charge my Kobo Vox but that has never really been a problem before with other electronic devices, as long as the cord tip fits in the electronic device it will charge it, for example my blackberry cord is almost the same thing and it won’t charge my Kobo Vox, nothing will. Do I have to have an exact Kobo Vox charger in order to charge it?

  12. Sharon Ransom

    Thank you so much!
    My kobo vox had what I’ve seen referred to as “the sleep of death” where it was powered off but the 3 icons across the bottom stayed lit. It would not power on. I tried a reset using the power and volume buttons but this didn’t work either. I was at my wits end til I read your suggestion. I unplugged the battery for a few seconds and plugged it back in. The icons were not longer lit and it started right up!

  13. Regards for writing “Kobo Vox: Having Power Problems? | bibliophiliacs”.
    Iwill absolutely end up being back again for more reading through and commenting in the near future.
    Thanks, Seth

  14. Simone

    Thank you so very much. It worked 🙂 I was pretty disappointed when plugged in and did not charge. Then I could not even get it Started. Did exactly what was said above and it worked.

  15. Thank you very much for your help with this my wife is now talking to me again

  16. Melody

    Thank you so SO much! I thought my Kobo was done! Finally got the nerve to take you advice to take the battery out and it came on!!!!!!
    So happy! Amazing!

    • You are very welcome! It can definitely be a bit scary to mess around with hardware, especially if you’re not used to it. Generally, if it’s still under warranty, let the manufacturer (or whoever) deal with it. If, however, it’s not under warranty any more, and it seems to be toast, something simple like this is a pretty safe thing to try.

    • Dawn Joyce

      How did you get the battery out? It just didn’t giggle out. Looks like screws are involved with screw drivers I don’t have.

  17. Jennifer

    My kobo went dead, cannot charge or turn on. This is my second kobo in 18 months. I tried your advice to unplug the battery and a yellow light came on and I assume it was going to start charging so I left it overnight plug into the charger but nothing happend. It is still not turuning on. Do you have any other suggestions.

    • A few things to try: Try doing the battery plug/unplug thing again. Does it fit in securely? If you don’t feel it click in to place, the battery clip might be broken and so your cable won’t stay put. If it is clicking into place, try it again. Let the Kobo charge for about an hour, and then try turning it on while plugged in. Make sure you hold down the power button for a while – I find that the Vox power button can be temperamental. It occasionally takes me a few tries before they turn on. Try pressing the hard reset button inside the case if it still won’t turn on, and then try powering on again. Other than that, I’m not sure what to try other than checking to make sure that the charger itself isn’t the problem. You can always try another charger to see if that works. Hopefully you won’t have to hold a funeral!

      • Jennifer

        I have one question. When charging is there supposed to be a light at the top of the device indicating that it is charging? There is no light when I am charging.

      • In theory yes, but I have seen plenty of Voxes that don’t have a light when charging. Also, if the light got damaged or burnt out, it also wouldn’t show. If it’s charging, I wouldn’t worry.

  18. cls

    Help still not woring….

    • If factory reset, replacing the battery, and everything else I’ve suggested aren’t working, it may be dead. You can try removing and replacing the MicroSD card inside. If it turns out it is dead, if nothing else you’ve got a MicroSD card.

  19. ashxoxo

    This is AWESOME advice… I seriously thought I would have to return it, and I love this product.

  20. monica

    this is a good page, but i have a question. How do i charger my kobo vox ereader if the power isnt working> thanks monica

  21. monica

    it is monica again I meant my power cord isnt working so how do i charge my kobo vox ereader

  22. Hi Monica,

    You’re going to have to replace your charger. You can either purchase one directly from Kobo, or you can purchase a compatible one from somewhere like Best Buy. It should be a 2A (2 Amp) charger.

  23. Sarah Blackwell

    My daughters vox wont start 😦 whilst on charge little green light keeps flashing ….. take of charge little green light flashing … tried the battery unplug ceremony and the manual reset button …. still little green light flashing but nothing on screen …. Please help my daughter devastated..


    • Try unplugging the battery again, and make sure the connection is really secure. Then, plug it in and leave it charging for an hour, and see if it will turn on. Some of the power buttons are a little weird and you may have to push and hold the power button multiple times before it will actually switch on.

  24. Removing battery on my VOX is not working!! aggg any other hints..? light blinks when i push button.. yes i keep it charged.. Mine is froze up tighter than a copper bell!

    • The only other thing I can think of is seeing if you can get a replacement battery for it. It may, in fact, be dead. Sometimes, it happens.

    • As I said to someone else, also, try keeping the battery unplugged for longer, try charging it after resetting the battery (because if it wasn’t seated properly before, it wouldn’t have charged; this sometimes takes several tries) Here’s hoping you don’t have to hold a funeral.

  25. Sumaya

    This didn’t work, I used my kobo and it worked perfectly but I didn’t use it for three months and now it won’t show if its charging or not!!!!

    • That could be a charger issue, as opposed to your Kobo. Try using different outlets, or even a different charger. If the battery is too run down, it also won’t show that it is charging for the first while. Let it sit and charge for an hour at least, and then check to see whether it is working. You don’t have to unplug it to try turning it on. Sadly, my fix here won’t work for everything, especially a Kobo that has sustained damage.

  26. Adam

    What if after trying that it still won’t charge cause I’ve tried everything even buying a new kobo cord and nothing happens

  27. clara soronnadi

    my kobo mini is totally wipped. it can not charge, its showing white and black and it refused to start up. its not showing anything.

    • If the image on the screen looks staticky, or fractured, unfortunately it means your Kobo is kaput. There is nothing you can do about this, sadly. It would be more expensive to repair than to replace.

  28. david luff

    I’ve got a standard kobo, the battery will hold a charge can I change the battery

    • The problem might be finding a replacement. It depends on which kobo model you have. If it’s not under warranty, you have nothing to lose by attempting to replace or repair. Before you replace the battery, though, make sure the connections are all tight, and that there isn’t something that’s draining battery power. If that’s all fine, then by all means try changing the battery. You should be able to find a place that does repair or refurbishing to order you a part. I will point out though that it doesn’t make much sense to fix it if fixing it doesn’t cost much less than replacing it.

  29. Marisa

    You are a genius. I was ready to drop kick my kobo like a football. I had tried everything (or so I thought) and I thought I was going to have to cave and buy a new one. The battery thing didn’t help, but pressing that reset button did the trick.

  30. connie marshall

    thank you so much! you ARE a genius! and a KOBO life saver – mine was headed for the trash until I came across your blog

  31. Claire

    Hi, My kobo wifi has a white rectangle in the bottom screen that wont go away if i try to reset it or charge it? I cant see the bottom of the screen. Please help!

    • Unfortunately, that probably means that your screen is broken. If you see it even when the screen changes, that part of the screen is no longer receiving electricity to be able to change the image. This usually happens because of damage from being impacted some way, or from a power surge when it was charging. You’re going to need a new one. If you stick with Kobo as your provider, you won’t lose any of the books you purchased, but make sure to back up any that are from other sources.

  32. Deb Simms

    Thank you , thank you, thank you.. For that info.

  33. Wow. Glad I found this. I figured my Vox had given up the ghost – it’s 3 years old, after all. But it’s working perfectly now 🙂

  34. koolk3214

    Thanks! I figured my Vox had just given up the ghost. But it’s working fine now 🙂

  35. anita

    You are amazing. I love my kobo and was at a loss as to why it wouldn’t charge. Thank you!

  36. Bernice

    Help…I travel a lot and I am away in the north and my KOBO has died for no reason…..I tried unplugging the battery, I’ve tried the reset, the volume and power reset, but nothing is working the yellow light was on for awhile but even that has stopped…I might have to buy a new one….BOOOOHOOOOO

    • Is it a Vox? Try leaving the battery unplugged for a while, before plugging it back in… then plug the unit in to charge for a few hours, light or no light. If it’s still not working, might be dead.

  37. Tom Gledhill

    hey great it worked

  38. Juanita

    Thank you ever so much! I bought a new Kobo Vox cheap from Amazon. When I received it and opened the box and plugged it in…to my horror, nothing! I did a search on the issue and your was the first site that was available. I followed your instructions and voila!, it worked!

  39. Lorna

    Just to let people know that a factory reset doesn’t actually revert it back to out of the box condition. It still retains some information. I had a Google account with a gmail address, but when I cancelled my gmail account the Kobo said the only way to delete this account from my Kobo was to do a factory reset, this I did, but whenever I try to set up my new Google account the Kobo keeps telling me that I already have an inactive account. So, it would seem that factory reset does not erase everything back to has it was when it was first bought. If anyone knows how to solve the problem of setting up a new Google account, that is not associated with a gmail address, on the Kobo Vox and erasing all data, I would love to know. Kobo and Google haven’t come up with anything yet, and the reset problem has been ongoing for some time.

  40. JP

    Good call on the battery pull fix. Worked like a charm and the battery shows 100% full on power up.

  41. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?


  42. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words
    in your content seem to be running off the screen in Ie.

    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought
    I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though!
    Hope you get the issue solved soon. Thanks

  43. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you
    know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not
    sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers
    and both show the same outcome.

  44. anonymous

    Thank-you very very much! My Kobo Arc 10 HD would not power on. I opened it up and removed the battery and then put it back in. It now works. Thank-you.

    I thought the Arc was gone so I contacted Kobo support to send back my Arc for repairs but they said they don’t service it. Really bad support team. Awful company.

  45. Kris

    This really helped, thanks! :3

  46. Ken

    Received a Vox as a Xmas gift in Dec 2012. It lasted 11 months and was returned for a refurbished one, I assume. This past Fri 6 Feb 2015 my Vox refused to come on. The power switch would flash green continually. I tried the factory reset and it did not work. Ensured Vox was charged. Tried factory reset again, no luck . Contacted Kobo trouble shooting people and they suggested the factory reset again. Thanks for nothing. They had no further suggestions for troubleshooting. I suggested they sold a poor product that seemed to have a problem surviving for more than a year and that I would not buy another Kobo product. The tech said he would push it up to their EEC branch to see if they can help me ie I assume provide an extended warranty to an unhappy vocal customer.
    If they don’t I will then take off the back and try the resetting of the battery and/or the hard reset button. Will advise later how successful I am.

    • Good luck! I hope you get a successful resolution.

      • Ken

        The Kobo people were not helpful. Since my original Vox was bought in Dec 2012 my warranty expired in Dec 2013. It didn’t matter that they replaced the 1st one. You only get 12 months of warranty.
        I have since tried unplugging the battery and the hard reset with no luck. The green light flashes but nothing further. Is it time for the funeral?

      • Potentially. Make sure you give it a good minute before you plug the battery back in, and then let it sit charging without touching the power button for an hour or two. If you still have no luck at that point, it may unfortunately be dead. The achilles heel to most tablets and e-readers is a power surge. If you had a surge when it was charging, it may have wiped the memory, in which case there is nothing you can do.

  47. Good one, Christie. I was one step away from chucking this thing in the garbage when I tried your trick. All fixed now!

    • Ken

      I have deliberately not replied for some time because I have had good and bad times with my Vox. It has failed to start twice in the past month. Both times it has followed a bump or slipping from the top of a padded chair to the padded seat. The Vox was in its case (leather) and well protected. Both times I have managed to restart following numerous hard resets and using Kobo’s factory reset (up voume and pressing the on /off switch).
      I have also allowed the Vox to run down with the green on/off light flashing continuously, then fully charging. I don’t think I am doing anything systematically that enables it to reset, but just trying so many things one after another that it resets. I am trying to be even more careful with my Vox, but am researching for a replacement. I am hoping this will not be a Vox because of their poor customer relations.

      • I’m not planning on keeping this Vox any longer than I have to. I think it’s a poorly designed device, even if it isn’t much more than a glorified ereader. I’m waiting for a good Ubuntu tablet to come out.

      • The Vox’s main weakness is the connection to the battery. I’ll bet that’s your culprit, especially with the “bump” consistently coming before your issues. If you pop the back off, try unplugging the battery cable, and then pushing it gently back in until you feel a click. The clip isn’t the best, so this may happen again, but at least you’ll know how to fix it quickly! Good luck.

  48. Janet

    Unfortunately, this solution did not work for me. My biggest complaint is that I can’t seem to stay connected to the Wi-Fi. I will turn it on, and 20 seconds later it turns itself off. I’m thinking is a problem with the internal modem, rather than the battery. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Janet,

      The Wi-Fi is frequently fixed by that, so you may be correct in that there is a separate internal problem. If you feel comfortable, go over the inside of your device and see if anything seems loose. If it is working intermittently, the issue may be a loose connection. If you can locate a loose component and secure it, that may solve your issue. People who have hacked the Vox have posted photos online – use those to help you pin down what to look for.

  49. bt

    Worked perfectly, thanks for the fix.

  50. caith

    My kobo vox ereader stays in his own logo. And when I try it to reset factory its always says unable to start blah blah. Please help me. My tablet is fully charged but it wont open.

    • Try doing the full reset with the battery out. Let it sit for a few minutes without the battery, then replace. It may have gotten corrupted somehow – if so there might not be anything you can do, sadly.

  51. Elva

    Thank you! Almost threw it away!

  52. Tom

    I gave up after being bought a different model. Piece of cr*p.

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