Can you help me find a book? No.

So, I had an interesting day at work.  Interesting being a euphemism for bad.

Example interaction: ” Can you help me find a particular book, please?”

“I’d be happy to.  What are we looking for?”

“I think it’s red, there’s a picture of a girl on the cover, and I think it’s written by a guy.  But I’m not sure.”


Ex. 2:

“Excuse me, I spilled coffee on this book I was looking at.”

“Oh, no!  Well, accidents happen…”

“So I was wondering if I could get a discount on it now?”


And the crowning glory of my day, as I was leaving the washroom after tidying it, a customer came in through the door at high speed, hitting me in the face with the door, and breaking my tooth (as well as leaving a very impressive lump on my jaw).  Some days, I feel like I should get hazard pay.

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